Monday, March 22, 2010

Our first anniversary

Our first year has gone by so quickly, as they all seem to do for us seniors.
So much has been accomplished at our facility at 76 S. Emelia in Quartzsite: the men made a new front porch ramp (the old one was rickety and unsafe) and then a new porch from the backside of the double wide was built that connected straight across to the door of the single wide, coats of protective roof sealer were put on, electric work modified and improved and beautifying of the outside and inside via women of the congregation, mostly.

Some of us went "door knocking" around our area to welcome and invite the neighbors to worship with us, as well as attend an Open House, potluck. Improvements in the lot/buildings can only be welcomed by the neighbors.

The Snowbird attendance peaked at over 100, and is staying higher than normal for this time of the year (which is the end of the season for many Snowbirds) with 31 present yesterday, March 21.

A congregational meeting was held after evening services last night, and it was decided to apply $8,000 more to our balance due on our loan. That will take us down to $44,000 due. People!
That is phenomenal. That means $81,000 has been paid off of the $125,000 beginning price, just in this year! Praise God! And blessings to all who have invested in this endeavor. OF course this will greatly deplete our bank balance, leaving approx. $3,000, for summer time emergencies. Hopefully the gains will be far more valuable than investments in "stocks and bonds." Every bit we put on the principal lowers our interest we have to pay.

So please help us pay this off quickly so we can begin to think about buying comfortable chairs for old bodies to set in!

Remember that the Church of Christ in Quartzsite has its own address of P.O. Box 5073, and the zip code is the new one for the post office annex, 85359. Contributions can be sent to it.
All donations are deductible as we are a non profit organization. If you need our number, contact us at 541 619-4437.