Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2nd Update, May 5, 2009

So much continues to happen to support our belief that the Holy Spirit is with us in this endeavor.
On the last Sunday Vern and Judy worshipped with the Quartzsite body of the Lord, a young gentleman was present and volunteered to make our pulpit. That was wonderful enough, but he also made a lovely communion table, too! He is a gifted wood-worker. They have both been delivered and are being used!

Brother Wendell reports that attendance was at 18 and 20 each Sunday, which is about double what it has been in past years, but expects it to drop this month.

A couple of weeks ago, Judy stopped at an estate sale and was able to buy 2 large artificial plants to set up front on the building's "stage" area. They are lovely! And when they heard they were for a church building, the couple gave them to us for the price of one, which was incredibly reasonable already! Praise the Lord.

We hear from Woody and Kay that things are being painted and fixed constantly. It is now very warm (102) my computer said, in Quartzsite. They are also doing much of the book work, bank work, application work, etc. We say prayers of gratitude for them being able to stay on longer than we could and doing so much. Hazel and Paul are not able to do these things from Iowa, so it is a great blessing.

Hazel and Paul are doing well as of the last call we had with them. Hazel has acquired some towels, silverware, etc. for the building! The Coffeys are doing well, also. Bob recently had surgery on the palm of his hand, and his fingers. They report it was successful! A recent tornado missed them, and we hope the five inches of rain expected in parts of Arkansas will also miss them. The weather is unsettled everywhere it seems.

Oregon has had snow in the mountains falling regularly since our return. We feel we are living in a rainforrest, as we do every May, with all the trees which encircle our house leafing out, moss on every tall trunk, rain dripping off of each tree, and the hay field tall with green grasses waving.

The bank balance is at $9,600+ which is the result of generous hearts. It would be good to mention here that if you pledged monthly support, and don't know how or where to send it, please contact us: 541-619-4437. If you want to send a note to Kay and Woody, or have some other reason to write the Quartzsite Church of Christ, our official P.O. Box is 5073, and we have the 2nd zip code which is for those with P.O. Boxes at the Quartzsite's auxillary post office, which is 85459.

The insurance for the building and liability has been paid for one year!
Contact us, Judy and Vern, at, or the phone number above, 541-619-4437.