Thursday, July 14, 2011


Summer in the Willamette Valley has come late, or not at all. We did have a few days of 80-90 degree weather, but have been cool, following a nice rain to water our what garden. The seeds don't want to sprout, what did, some nice furry or feathered creation of God's pulled out of the garden and laid them neatly by their rows. Or, as of last night, a deer ate our zucchini !!! This pic shows Vern right behid our house.

Vern is good about not starting to hay until enough days are forecast without rain, so he can get it all sold out of the field with no rain. He was successful, once again. Around here, I've been told that others wait to see when Vern starts his haying. That's quite a compliment. It is so nice to sell it out of the field! We don't pick it up, except 50 bales, for our son's horse, and he and his wife picked it up and me or Vern drove tractor.

Olen called the other night and invited us to a catfish dinner. Would love to have taken him up on that. Told him it was a little too far to drive for dinner. Good to hear his voice.

Have been emailing Kay and Woody, who are enjoying their first year in their house at Twin Falls. We would have loved to go to Darla and Robert's wedding on June 11, my birthday, but we were on Grandson, horse, 3 dogs and farm duty in Central OR at that time. Sounds like their wedding was wonderful.

Wendell keeeps up on things. Was sorry that he lost his mother recently. She has had no quality of life for some time, and they took turns being with her til she passed. From the articles he sent, it sounds like Quartzsite's political machine needs a good oiling. But then we kind of suspected that for sometime, didn't we!

Vern is getting excited about the good speakers we have for the meeting this year...the 2nd annual 'Eight Days of Spiritual Feasting.'

Our children and grandchildren pay us no mind when they plan their babies to be born, and one is due on Thanksgiving Day ( a little brother for the one you met this past winter...Katie's) and another one, yet to be announced, LEGALLY, by their request, to be born in February. That is really going to mess up our time in Q. this year, but family is very important to us, if you didn't already know that.

Reg just had nose surgery to remove -or maybe clean out-??some "filter" thingys we have up our nostrils, that were plugged up. It was a day surgery and he is home now. Linda says he is doing better than feared. She had a big skin cancer removed from her face, and the dr. took 20 stitches (tiny and tight) so she should heal wonderfully.

Vern is anticipating shoulder surgery before we return to Q.

He is at a shepherd's meeting (aka elders meeting)...tonight, and I WAS GOING TO RUN some errands, but I am tired! I don't want to even WALK the errands. :) So think I'll stay home and vegetate.

Bill and Darlene visited with Reg and Linda and went on their way to WA. (we were out over the Mts. at our sons house) and did you know they bought a 3 b-room house in Sierra Vista. AZ close to Bill's daughter? How fun!!!

Please let us hear from this blog or our email,

love to you! God be with you, till we meet again!