Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting to get a pull towards home.......wherever that is..:)....?

Well, I think all of us snowbirds hear the call of home ....some are leaving from our little church family. MaryEllen and Noel Teague, Mary and Ken Blankenship, Teresa and Jim Miller, Anne and Don Harnisch. Fran Ruppe and her husband have sold their place here and are moving to Del Rio, TX. They lived their several years back. I love Fran's consistent devotion and attendance in our congregation and will miss her a lot.

The Ground Hog could not possibly have seen his shadow on Feb 2nd, with all the snowstorms, so Spring should be early. Today it is snowing and cold in our
home base of Albany, OR. burrr....!

It has been a wonderful year here this year, church wise and weather wise. Our Gospel Meeting was wonderful and kept us Spiritually fed, but with a built up appetite, we were kind of lost for awhile, with only the regularly scheduled services. We are already excited about speakers for next year!

Our Ladies' Bible Class has been going very well and has been a blessing to all of us. We had a salad luncheon today, following our class, in honor of the group of ladies leaving tomorrow.
We have consistently been having 12-14 attend. (We started with four I think.)

Next year we hope to have a mid-week service, maybe on Thursday or Tuesday night, so we can still go to Olen and Edie's on Wed. night, also
Just wanted to share the good-will and love we have grown into this year!
God's blessings on all.