Friday, July 31, 2009

Wonderful news!
Kay and Woody just called, and their mail had caught up with them in Wyoming, and there was a "letter of determination" from AZ. which means the
new Quartzsite Church of Christ, now has legal NON-PROFIT status. We were told that would take about a year, so we would have to pay this year's property taxes (coming yr.) of about?? $800.00....but the letter got here in record time...a few months only, and it got here before the Aug. 15th deadline for taxes! Once again, God is blessing this endeavor, folks. Let's not make him sorry, ever, for these blessings.

Along that line, let's be saving any soaps, shampoos, etc. etc. we may get at motels, etc. and bring them when we come back. These can be handed out to the missions, in the name of the Quartzsite Church of Christ......also, any perfect condition used/ or new stuffed animals, bring them and we will begin that ministry, for children in stressful situations, etc., and also, it has been suggested that we have a clothes give away. We would want them to be very good condition, and we could have a day a week or something that the building was open for free clothes, for all ages. So these are some ministries that we are thinking about, as well as food pantry, so be thinking about all of these...and coming up with more ideas of yours!
By the way, the bank account is staying up! Bless the ones donating. We have been looking at chairs, and really want to have comfortable ones, eventually, because most of us are seniors, and if Wendell is going to preach eight hours, we need to be comfortable. Not sure about getting them now. Guess we could go back to the old days when everyone bought their own pew. ha.
We have heard from Hazel and Paul and Pat and Bob, too. Bob's dad just passed away in Texas. Vern and I
Blessings to all
Just wanted to share the great news.
vern and judy