Saturday, January 10, 2015

One Week Until the 2015 Spiritual Feasting Gospel Meeting Begins....

Today was the Hi Jolly Parade, in which several of the men members of the Church (Vern Miebach, Gerald Molzahn, Bud Moody, and Noel Teague) drove the quad with the sign advertising the meeting

 or walked along the parade route handing out Hershey kisses and invitations to the meeting. They shared the spotlight with a real camel, in honor of Hadji Ali, (who became known as Hi Jolly) a camel trainer who worked for the US Army in the 1850s on an experimental project using camels. The desert of Quartzsite was a perfect place to train the camels, and when the project was abandoned, Hi Jolly stayed in the area and is buried in what is now a National Historic site in Quartzsite.
Much work has been done in preparation for our meeting, and this Wednesday, January 14th, a prayer session, work day and Men's Business Meeting will conclude the preparations.