Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eight Days of Spiritua Feasting, Gospel Meeting

We are feeling full in our hearts! The feast of spiritual food has been greaten. We have enjoyed having Darrell Decker as our guest from the congregation where Reg & Linda and Vern & I attend. He spoke Monday night, and we had right at 40 there. Then he will speak again tonight, Wednesday. Vern and Reg will get him back, via airplane out of Phoenix, to his family in Albany. They are missing him.

Jim Miller and his wife, Teresa, are staying at the church's lot, and he spoke Sunday at 2 and is again on Fri and Sat. nights. Gerald Molzahn is speaking in Victor Rodriguez's place on Thur. and Wendell has Sundays and spoke Tues. night also. Different styles of presenting. but taken out of the same Holy Bible.

The weather turned off really warm for January. Has been over 80 and we are fanning ourselves, but is so good for this meeting, and the QIA POWWOW SHOW, and all the other million vendors, etc. This place is hopping busy!

Vern and I just set and grin because this is soooooo good soul-food!
More later

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