Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Snowbirds Beginning to to Think about their Southern Flight...

How exciting to begin receiving more frequently, emails from our Quartzsite Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It gives a shot in the arm, for sure! Some have been very busy planning for our upcoming meeting, and it sounds like it is unfolding just the way it should be.

Since we are maturing adults, we need to acknowledge a few physical conditions within our "flock."  Brother Wendell had a heart attack recently and 2 stents were inserted. Now he says he feels absolutely wonderful, and ready to preach the Word. Praise the Lord!

Sister Mary Blankenship is having much pain from degenerative and misaligned disks, accompanied with arthritis. She is now seeking the expertise of a surgeon, as she has tried P.T. for 6 weeks, with little or no help. Please pray for her and for Brother Ken. At this time, they are unsure of their time in Quartzsite this Snowbird season,

Miebachs have been having repair surgeries this summer, as a result of a car wreck last year.

Sister Fran Rupe is driving to Portland, OR, to help settle her mother's affairs in Oregon and pack her up, as she is going to be living with Fran in Quartzsite.  Fran has been busy making a few upgrades and repairs to prepare for this event. She is very excited to have her mom with her! (Remember that Fran's husband passed away last winter).
Please email vjmiebach@peak,org so we can make additions or changes to this list. 
At this time, Brother and Sister Molzahn are in Colorado at a Bear Valley Preaching School Reunion, then plan to head on down to Quartzsite.
Brother Noel Teague plans to be in Q. the middle of October.

An encouraging note was sent by Dave and Karen Fiddament, who will be in Q. for the annual meeting and are eager to help. 

Because of another precious grandchild on the way, the Miebachs won't be at Q., most likely, until the first part of January.
Some of you will remember the Lewis' that were in Q. two seasons ago. (Leonard and Jean)  They have been having a nice trip down from Montana, touring and visiting with cousins, including ones of the Miebach family.

Please feel free to acknowledge errors or changes or additional information by emailing

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