Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dog days of Summer...July 29, 2015.

In Oregon, we have had more 90 degree days, even 100's, than most have ever seen here, in a summer. We too, need rain, as we haven't had a good rain for nearly 3 months;  however, we are not on water rationing, YET, like California and other states.

We left Quartzsite, when most of the others were also leaving, late March,April, and are hearts are with Gary and Linda Buckley, who have graciously and energetically agreed to drive 3 hrs. each way on Saturday, to keep the church building open all summer!  This is a first.   For Sunday worship, they have had as many as 11 in attendance, and as few as just them, yet their outward enthusiasm has shown thru what has to be frustrating, also.

Speaking of Gary and Linda, they are upstairs in our house, sleeping like the exhausted "kids" they are, as they drove straight thru from the South, to our place, with only about 3 hrs. of down time to sleep.   They are here for just a short visit, and we so love that they came, but are already dreading the long drive back for them.

Before leaving Q. this spring, the men agreed upon a topic for the 2016 meeting of "Walking In the Light"...(excuse if I didn't get it properly written, but of course means walking with our Savior, Jesus), most or all speakers have been engaged and confirmed their participation. It will be another wonderful feast of Spiritual Food.  Join us in praying about it, please!

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